Bliss Jelly Soap fabulous wibbly, wobbly fun with an opulent, floral fragrance.  Plus... it contains essential oils cleanse your skin and free your mind!

Introducing our fun, wobbly jelly soap. So what can you do with it?

1. Use as a wibbly soap bar: place that jelly on your hand and rub it over your wet skin. Be careful - its a slippery critter!
2. On a shower sponge: trim/pull  off a few pieces and squeeze them into your puff or sponge - activate it under running water by giving it a few squeezes.
3. For  foamy bath: scoop out a bit, place in a sieve and hold under the warm, running bath taps to create a gorgeous foam.

Not only is our jelly soap a wibbly bit of cleansing fun, but its also really gentle. Its based on something called Carrageenan - which is an extract from seaweed - which is itself known for creating gentle, relaxing baths.

The pot and lid is fully recyclable too, so please remember to do that!


Hint: store it in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation!

Bliss Jelly Soap